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What Is Regret And How To Deal With It?

What Is Regret And How To Deal With It?

What Is Regret And How To Deal With It

Regret is a feeling of disappointment usually felt when we doubt the decisions we have made.

We always regret, when we think that the choices we made are not the right decisions because the outcomes were not according to our expectations.

This recurring thought disappoints us. It takes away our serenity and we trap ourselves in the darkness of negative thoughts and suffer happiness.

Surely, this is not an appealing feeling one might have faced.

This is a complex situation in which one becomes a prisoner of past and it can be devastating to your self-growth.

Why We Regret?

Regret is one of those hard situations which have grown with our thinking process.

Let’s understand how?

This can become crystal clear by simplifying the way we think.

For that, we will organize our thinking process in some steps.

Step1: Situation

You faced a situation.

Step2: Decision

The situation you faced will always have some further divisions.

In this step, you have to make a decision among the choices you have.

Step3: Outcome

So, you have taken a decision and now it’s time for the result you get for the choice you have made.

This outcome again can be divided into two categories:

It is in your favor.

It is not in your favor (opposite to the desired outcome).

Step4: Thinking

Whatever the outcome is you cannot change it. But we are humans and have a habit to analyze things.

Now, our thinking phase starts. We think about how things have happened.

If results are not favorable, we start blaming ourselves for making the wrong choice.

How to deal with regret?


Hence, we enter the phase of regret.

How to Overcome Regret and guilt?

To overcome regret it is necessary to heal your inner-self.

Think about the time when you made a particular choice. It means that you wanted something and you choose it over other choices.

quote about the time when you made a particular choice

That means it was your priority at that time. And, you did it for your own happiness. So, don’t feel regret about the decisions you made for the things that actually are ways for your happiness.

It is okay if you didn’t get the expected result but at least you tried for it. That’s more important than anything else. Take it in a way that if your efforts didn’t pay off this time it doesn’t mean they never will.

You have learned a lesson, which you can apply in the future and can overcome such situation easily.

Everyone can dream but only a few have the courage to go for them 1

Following your heart is always better than going behind the materialistic things. Everyone can dream but only a few have the courage to go for them.

Doing what you love gives you satisfaction and peace.

You just need to change the perspective of your thoughts to maintain balance in your mind.

When you succeed in learning the art to be optimistic, nothing can set you off mood.

Secondly, you need to understand that it is important to live in present for your soul, your growth.

The time which has passed can never come back.

Be your own in-charge of happiness. Many times we make things more complex than they actually are.

the best is yet to come

Don’t force for the things to happen. Always believe that the best is yet to come.

You have to go a long way, Support yourself. Stand by, your own side.

Don’t hide yourself in the boundaries of the despairing and gloomy room.

Let your soul breathe. It also deserves all the cheers and applauds.

See the beautiful world around you; it is awaiting you to explore all the opportunities you deserve.

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