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3 Easy Ways To overcome Self Doubt

3 Easy Ways To overcome Self Doubt

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Self -Doubt, this small word has the dynamism to shake anyone in this world. No matter how strong you might think you are but it might have affected you once in your lifetime.

This complicated word has engrossed many dreams. Self-doubt is complicated because you give it the power to interrupt your thoughts, actions, behavior, attitude and many other things. Because you give it authority to bind you from following your dreams,  holding yourselves at one place will not take you anywhere for granted and this is something you need to understand. If you show courage to take that one step against your doubt, therefore, your life can change in a certain way.

Self-doubt is like a slow poison that will not only hold you back but also take away your peace, strength, and happiness.

If ever you are afraid to make choices or take decisions about your own life and are always stuck with what if I will be the wrong statement. Then, You are the victim of self-doubt.

And, Most importantly, This definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it.

Yes, You can come out of this gray shadow that you have formulated for yourself. To cope up with this, what you all need is your own desire to come out of it and a commitment with yourself that you will do it for getting into a better place, situation, condition.

Though Miracles happen but not in one day. Similarly, if you will try to outgrow from it then you have to work on your weakness regularly.

Here are Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt :

Know the Root Cause

Let’s talk about mathematics to understand this point. In Maths, Is it possible just to write an answer without solving a problem? Or, Can you apply a formula without reading the statement directly to get the answer?

Undoubtedly, the answer is a big no.

So how can you think you can find a solution to a problem without knowing its root cause. In other words, just understand your problem to get out of it. Is there anything in the external environment that leads you criticizing yourself or you are wondering about your fears of failure. It might you lack some information required to complete something that has created this phenomenon in your mind.

Whatever is the case, analyze your situation. This will help you to know what steps you might take to get out this doubt blanket.

Just scrap everything out of your brain and be honest with yourself. As if you know the problem, you can apply the right formula.

Connect With Yourself

Communication is the key to solve any problem. At the time of self-doubt, you need expert advice. And only a person who knows you well, who can understand you completely can give you this advice.

But, do you know who knows you at that deep level. It’s You only. Everyone has their own viewpoint. And No-one can understand that hundred out of hundred. So, what you have to do is to build up a strong bond with yourself.

Give some time to self, communicate with your own self. Debate with your own views. Give arguments to justify your thoughts and let your inner world to be explored. Understand your real potential. Give your inner voice a chance to win.

No, matter whatever the situation is, how doubtful you feel you are but your inner self always knows what is good and true for your growth. Believe worth of your inner voice and let it sparkle your world.

Decisions can’t be taken instantly. So, write your views on somewhere both odds and against for a certain thing.

Analyze, the right and wrong by listening to your subconscious soul who is popping you constantly to grab your attention. Think about how your decision is going to impact you and others connected to you.

And, after this research work reaches a conclusion. On connecting with yourself you will feel confident and assured about your decision.

Stay Calm

Only a calm mind can make the right choice. And, the calm mind comes with inner peace and this helps in developing a positive attitude which helps you to determine the difference between right and wrong.

Right and Wrong is nothing but the outcomes associated with something. Always keep in mind that these terms should not be altered according to an external environment to facilitate yourselves in a comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you have to rebel against the world but It only means to stand by something which is true.

This can help you to get real happiness. What is true and what’s not can be decided with a positive and peaceful mind. Moreover, Meditating will help you in accomplishing it.

Make it your habit to meditate daily.No matter if you can’t devote long hours to practice meditation. Just try to give it some minutes of your busy life. Or, try something that assists you to stay calm and oriented.

As mentioned earlier, connect with your self. This can be achieved by weighing your mind, analyzing your thoughts and focusing on your real goal of life i.e growth.

Take steps to heal yourself from all the negative energies. Simple efforts will make huge differences. For it, you just need to stay true to yourself.


Don’t let arrows of self-doubt harm your pillars of strength. Take all feasible steps to come out of it by staying true to yourself.

Always keep your mind peaceful and learn the art to live with joy. Staying peaceful will help you to connect with your inner soul which is always your best friend. To grow, ask for guidance from self. Analyze the root cause of the problem and find ways to solve it. On finding answers to your problems, clouds of self-doubt will shed surely.

Stay strong, motivated and determined and work on the promise you made to your own self. Believe in timings and do efforts tirelessly to make yourself better. Staying positive and becoming a better person than yesterday will help to boost your confidence. As your confidence grows, self-doubt will shrink automatically.


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