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Wall Murals – Tasteful Décor To Brighten Your Interior Design

Wall Murals – Tasteful Décor To Brighten Your Interior Design

wall murals

Murals are a great way of lightening up a room. They come in different designs and styles with brilliant colors that make a nice addition to any room. They can be in many sizes, but they can truly stand out when used to cover an entire wall.

Modern wall murals have become a tool of choice for designers to create visual appeal in the house, workplace, or business. There are different fabrics used to make murals. The possibilities for fit and finish are truly endless. Here are a couple of things you should know about wall murals.

Wall Mural Fabrics

Synthetic fibers are the preferred fabric for making wall murals. Different fabrics have their respective advantages and styles that fit best.


Most wall murals are vinyl. There are 2 subcategories of vinyl created for wall murals. They are:

  1. Cast vinyl. This is a lightweight fabric that is available in a wide range of colors. It is thin and can wrap around curved walls easily.
  2. Calendared vinyl. This is a vinyl fabric that is slightly thicker than cast vinyl. This makes it suitable for outside use on larger walls.

Photo Paper

This kind of paper has a photo-receptive coating applied to its surface. This allows photographs to be printed on it. It is especially good when used on interior walls with a photographic print or pattern look.


Canvas gives a noticeable texture to the wall when it is used for murals. This is due to its composition; canvas is made of cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester fibers.

Perforated Window Film

This fabric was created specifically for murals on glass walls or windows. It is perforated, as the name implies. This allows light to pass through and gives it a unique ambiance.

Where To Use A Wall Mural

Wall murals are best used on a single wall as a statement piece. Unlike wallpaper, they are not used to cover an entire area. Wall murals add to or elevate the design of a room. They are meant to be a statement piece of interior décor

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Murals can be used in a variety of places, including any of the rooms of a house. They are good additions to the dining room, living room, or a bedroom. Murals also serve as advertisements for a business. The company’s logo or branding can be made into a mural. When displayed prominently in a waiting room or conference room, or even outside on the side of the building, murals draw attention. In a restaurant or café, a mural adds to the aura or theme of the space.

Getting The Best Out Of A Mural Design

Murals work better when they are reasonably large in size. It is possible to use multiple panels to cover a larger area for an even greater effect. A mural does not have to be a single picture or piece of art. It can tell a story or depict an illustration.

If you go for a single art piece, then focus on details and add touches that bring the image to life. For example, a mural of a single bird should have such detail that every single feather is seen as unique. Choose a wall mural for your interior design if you want to create an aesthetic that stands out.

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