Valentine’s Eye Makeup Trends To Follow This 2022!

Valentines Eye Makeup Trends To Follow This 2022

Valentine’s Eye Makeup Trends To Follow This 2022!
When it’s valentine you might want to try something new be it your dress, nails, lipgloss or eyes makeup, etc. And, it is inevitably necessary when one wants to look different from the rest of the days. So, in this post let’s talk eye makeup trends you can follow this valentine’s.

Because: Your Eye Makeup Says So Much About You And Your Style

-Laura Mercier

Colorful Kohl:

colorful kohl eye makeup trend for valentine

Accentuate your eyes with colorful kohl. It is the most prominent eye makeup trend to follow this valentine in 2022. As variant color options are available in kohl these days you can try to match them up with your outfit. Trying different kohl colors also help to add a new and refreshing look to your eyes makeup.

Floating Eyeliner:

Floating eyeliner eye makeup trend for valentines

Floating eyeliner is another rising valentine’s eye makeup trend you can try this 2022! This is gaining popularity for its unique colors and easy application. Just apply colorful eyeliner on the crease of your eyes and either join it with the winged eyeliner or leave floating. Simple as this.

Floral Eyeliner:

Floral eyeliner on valentines day

The third eye makeup trend to try on valentine is the floral eyeliner. As the name suggests, it’s about creating floral creations at the end of your eyeliner wing. Trying this trend will going to give you vibes of a greek goddess.

Neon Eyeliner:

Neon eyeliner

The votes for the new bold color trend goes to neon. This trend is somewhat similar to colorful kohls. The difference is in just the application. Kohls is applied to the bottom eyelid while Neon eyeliner is for upper lids near to lashline. For something new and simple, this valentine’s eye makeup trend is a perfect choice.

Hued Mascara:

hued mascara

Another popular eye makeup trend is hued mascaras this 2020 valentine’s. Now pop colors of hues on those beautiful lashes too. Though a wide color range options are available for this emerging trend, the colors of blues and purples are in most demand.

WaterColor Eyeshadow:

watercolor eyeshadow

The internet is literally flooded with this trend. This includes a soft blend of colors similar to as in some painting. For this eye makeup, various colors are used but are blended perfectly that they all look out as one. This trend is subtle and stylish for your pretty eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Eyes and eyes makeup says a lot without using words. Whatever trend you follow, just remember to follow your heart and the message you want to convey with your overall looks.

Happy Valentine’s to readers of this post.

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