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Things You Can Try This Festive Season [Must Check]

Things You Can Try This Festive Season [Must Check]

Things You Can Try This Festive Season

The festive season is coming along, it brings with it happiness, fun, enjoyment, and excitement. In India, festival celebrations last for weeks long, every festival has its special significance. Therefore, preparations for this festive season start so early. Everyone desires to look best on these special days as it is the period of time for not only enjoyment and celebrations but also for creating memories.

Wonderful moments are created when you feel your best. This comes with confidence you can embrace from within. So to make these festivals even more special and memorable, here are some things you can try these festivals to look more astonishing and beautiful. Every year fashion trends changes, dive into details to see what’s in trends this year.

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Pastel Colors :

Gone are days when only bold colors were the main attraction of the entire festive season. Today’s modern women are not afraid to experiment with new trends and styles taking fashion to a completely new level. Be it with their accessories or wardrobe color choices, or anything else.

This festive season pastel is the new trend you should try. Pastels are a subtle choice who want to adapt for a simple yet classic look. When choosing pastel colors for your wardrobe gives you a lot of options to try along new things.

For inspiration, you can follow the fashion divas of the Bollywood industry who recently proved that pastel is the new loud fashion this 2022. Be it, gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, stunning Kareena Kapoor or fashionista Sonam Kapoor, all justify the grace of pastel palette well.

prianka chopra alia bhatt karisma kapoor to kareena kapoor khan 5 times celebs swore by mint pastel colors outfits for all occasions

And gives us the true reason to include pastel colors in our festive wardrobe.

  1. Meenakari Jewelry:

Another interesting thing to try this festive season is the traditional meenakari jewelry, it will best adorn your outfit for an outstanding look. As the name suggests, meenakari is the art of working with enamel colors. It is available in so many color options and vivid designs.

These days Meenakari Kundan is the most famous fashion among brides and those who love experimenting with their looks adjoining with the roots of culture and tradition.

Meenakari earrings

This is a great choice to must try these festivals because it’s a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Varied color options and design options make it immensely popular among today’s women.

Moreover, it’s a wise choice for almost every age group and any occasion.

  1. Thread Bangles

Any festive look is incomplete without bangles in our culturally rich India. Bangles are highly significant for good health, good luck as well as beauty. It is believed different colors have different meanings, therefore, colored bangles are worn by Indian women in addition to metal bangles.

Red is believed as the color of good fortune and energy, yellow for happiness, orange is symbolized for new beginnings, and similarly, other colors have their importance and significance.


Hence, if you want to wear something colorful other than glass bangles, then thread bangles are a fabulous choice. These are available in different designs like embellished with stones, ribbon flowers, etc. This festive season must give it a try if you are thinking about choosing something unique.

  1. Subtle Makeup

Soft makeup or subtle makeup is the new trend this festive season. This includes a soft eyeshadow palette look followed with the neutral shade lipsticks or lipgloss.

This type of makeup complements well with both pastel or bold color wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for a totally simple look. But you can experiment with neutral colors along with the touch of glitter in your eyeshadow. Talking about lip colors, you can choose colors like shades of brown or light peach and many others. Usually, these kinds of shades go in harmony with almost every kind of bold and pastel color palettes.

sonam kapoor in subtle makeup look

Using a soft makeup palette isn’t that difficult. You just need to think about matching colors that coordinate with your outfit. The beauty of this makeup is that it looks amazing at every time of day, what is needed most during the festive season. As you will need the makeup that looks perfect all-time as festival celebrations are morning to evening. And, you don’t get time for touch-ups all day.

  1. Waistbelts:

Complete your look with a waistband this festive season. It will not only amplify your style but also add comfort to handle your outfit in all day busy schedule. You can tie a waistbelt over your dupatta wearing a traditional suit, lehenga or with a saree to keep your pallu remain in place the entire day.

a model wearing saree with waistbelt in a fashion show

Traditionally, waistbelts are also known as “cummerbunds”. They usually consisted of a metallic chain anciently but nowadays, they are customized with fabric also as per the need of your outfit and comfort.

  1. Punjabi Jutti:

When talking about attire, it is incomplete without the perfect pair of footwear. And we all know about the importance of versatile Punjabi Jutti’s, how well they go along with every outfit. Be it a suit, lehenga, or a fusion dress, wearing a Punjabi Jutti adds grace to your outfit.

punjabi jutti

The best thing about buying a Punjabi Jutti is the wide range of availability of designs and customizations quite easily.
Summing Up

These busy festivals experiment with your looks and try something new. Modern trends this year include adding flavors of pastel colors to your wardrobe, infusing traditional meenakari jewelry and thread bangles to complete your ethnic look. Also, you can spice up your look, adding the most desired footwear trend that works with any outfit i.e none other than a Punjabi Jutti.

Level up your style with accessorizing with waist belts and attaining subtle makeup look. These simple things can compute some style to the festive look. Trying new things is fun but the most important thing is to enjoy whatever you do or wear, doing this ultimately makes your style more mesmerized.

Have more ideas or suggestions? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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