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Here Is: How You Can Choose The Right Tone Foundation?

Here Is: How You Can Choose The Right Tone Foundation?

choosing right tone foundation

Sometimes even choosing a foundation according to your skin tone, your makeup doesn’t look that amazing. You miss that flawless look and wonder what’s wrong?

Right, you will find the answer for it after reading this post.

So, Let’s discover it out.

It’s probably because you choose your foundation according to your skin tone but it mismatched with your undertone or underskin tone.

Before talking about foundation tones, it’s important that you know that there are three types of underskin tones. This includes warm, cool and neutral. Some often call it a red undertoned for warm or blue undertoned for cool.

Undertones are hidden tones of our skin which makes us look brighter in some colors and gives dull effects in others. In other words, These refer to natural colors beneath your skin but these matters because they are reflected in your skin tone.

Now, the question arises, How you can find which undertone you have?

There are three methods for it. And, for accurate results preferably try all these three tests in natural light.

Vein Test:

Carefully observe your arm for the color of your veins. If your veins seem to be blue then, it betokens that you have a cool undertone. On the other hand, if your veins show up as green in color then it suggests that you have a warm undertone.

In case, you find it difficult to go with a particular result, then you should go for another test. Or, it can mean that you are a neutral undertone.

Jewelry Test:

For this test, you need two pieces of jewelry, gold, and silver.  Take equal-sized jewelry pieces for best results. Bring silver piece near to your chin and neck, if you feel your skin is glowing bringing this jewelry piece, then you have a cool undertone.

On the other hand, if you receive glowing results with bringing golden jewelry near to your face and neck. This means you have a warm undertone. If you look with both gold and silver jewelry than you might have a normal undertone.

White Paper Test:

You will need a white paper for this test. Usually, people with warm underskin tone looks good in offwhite color. Thus, if you have a warm undertone, you will feel yourself pale on bringing white paper near to your face and chin.

However, if you feel brighter by taking white paper near to your chin and face then this implies you have a cool undertone.

And, there is no such difference then it indicates you have got a normal undertone.

After getting the basic idea of undertones, let’s proceed to tones of Foundation. Your foundation has two tones apart from its available different shades. They are as follows:

1.Yellow Toned:

Yellow toned foundation is best suited for people with warm undertones. And in case, with a neutral tone, you can go for it if you want a natural-looking makeup. To get perfect shade you need to consider how much warm you are. Accordingly, you can choose your correct match foundation shade.

2.Pink Toned:

People with cool undertones should go for Pink Toned foundations. This is responsible for giving whitish look or more fair look makeup. Variant shades are available in this tone too, best criteria to choose your foundation is to check how much cool tone you have like in the case with a warm tone.

Generally, people with normal undertones can go for both pink and yellow toned foundations. But, peach foundations works remarkably good on them as seen on many celebrities. Or,  neutral undertone individuals can grab neutral tone foundations, if you don’t want to go with pink and yellow tones.

three tones of foundation


Now, summing up I would suggest that think before you buy your foundation. Invest sometime to think what you want and what can work best on you. Your decision for going with the right tone can change your makeup game and entire look. Choosing the wrong toned foundation can lead you to look dull or you can look grey or dark on choosing wrong toned products.

Always, try samples before buying the actual product. This will not only save your money from buying the wrong makeup product but also helps you in choosing something that is worthy for you.

Hope, This is helpful 🙂

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