How to make a good advertising banner?

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Banner is one of the most common used signages to advertise goods and services. However, many people don’t know how to optimise their banner to attract potential customers. The perception of a good design may differ between people. Although there is no streamlined way to make a banner look good, their are a few clues and features that can make it more impactful.

The perfect banner is not made by accident. It requires strategic designing and taking the right decisions. A good banner must focus on the theme and objective of the advertisement. Take a look at our tips on how to make a good banner below.


Before you proceed with designing a banner, you need to know the purpose of doing so. For instance, you must state the objective and aims of creating a banner. Is your banner mainly to create brand awareness or for rebranding. You also have to know which kind of banner you will use for your design. Whether you’re using a small pop-up banner indoor or a huge hanging banner outside, you’ll have to adapt your whole design to it.

These considerations must be made to ensure that your banner meets its purpose. Considering the purpose of making a banner cannot be pushed aside. A banner should also be for a call to action, to highlight a new product or service, or increase awareness about your brand.

Colour Selection

If you choose the wrong colours for your banner, the purpose of creating it will almost be defeated. The colour scheme of the banner is very important. The colour makes the banner pop out and will also create a good impression in the mind of your viewers.

Although your colour preferences differ from the colour you choose, it should relate to the purpose of the banner created. For instance, if you are creating a banner to promote a product for children it needs to be colourful. Also, a banner with a focus on the environment should have more green colour. You also have to use colours that are related to your brand so people will immediatly notice where this banner come from.


The images you insert in your banner will also speak volumes about your art. Based on a few instances highlighted above, choosing an image of an unhappy child may not be ideal if you are trying to market a product that should put smiles on the faces of kids.

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Whether the image is graphics or pictures, it should not be blurry or grainy. A poor image quality will affect the final print of the banner. Also, using the right type of file to save your image will determine if the image will appear great on the banner.


Furthermore, dont joke with the text. Make sure the font you use for the text is readable and also in line with your purpose of creating the banner. If the banner is formal, then you don’t need to use fonts that are too shouty. Also, for small banners, use text that can be read from a little distance away. Also don’t clutter the text on the banner. Finally, focus on one or two different fonts to make it more undertstandable.

When creating a design for a banner, you should ensure that you use a reliable tools to create it. Although they are several banner templates on the internet, very few are suitable to create something unique. If you don’t feel confident creating a banner yourself, you can still contact a graphic designer.

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