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How to Get a Perfect BJJ Lean Athletic Body?

How to Get a Perfect BJJ Lean Athletic Body?

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When it comes to your body shape, you will realize that where most people get extremely fascinated by the bulky muscular body with chiseled thick muscles, most of us just want a lean athletic body. We want our body to have some muscles but our focus is on staying lean rather than gaining weight or becoming a muscular superhero. However, if you step into the gym and ask your instructor the first thing that he will tell you to do is lift weights so you can shape your muscles, gain muscles and become thick. No doubt this can be fascinating for some people but this can also hinder the movement and if you don’t want to stand out, this might not be ideal for you. This is the reason you will notice that most people will stay on the skinnier side while having very defined, chiseled muscles in their bodies.

This body style is called an athletic body where you maintain a very lean muscular shape. Your body structure will be very lean but you will become stronger and your endurance will increase as well. Moreover, you will be able to lift weights easily and you will also be able to work for a much longer time without getting tired. Although this might look like a far-fetched idea considering we link weight lifting with muscles and when you don’t have enough muscle to show you can lift things easily, this is possible. This is the reason if you look at most boxers who stand in the rage of lightweight champions you will see that they do not look very muscular instead they look lean.


With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the best workouts that you can use if you want to achieve the BJJ lean athletic body. Most of the workouts that we will mention are the workouts used by boxers, MMA artists, and BJJ figures. These workouts are easy and they will also help you to just get rid of body fat while leaving just muscles behind.

How to Form a Workout for A Lean Athletic Body?

If you want to get a lean athletic body you have to start with a simple stretching technique that will help you adjust your movements. Then you will incorporate a few yoga movements to improve the flexibility of your body. Then you can switch to some intense cardio so you can get rid of all the extra fat. Finally, you can get to some muscle-targeting workouts that can help you shape the muscles that you want. This can consist of abs-focused workouts, shoulder muscle group-focused workouts, or just simple cardio-based workouts that target all the body muscles at the same time. To complete it, you need a cool-down workout that can help you reduce the chance of injury and trigger faster recovery so you do not feel the pain.

How to Form a Workout for A Lean Athletic Body

Exercises That You Need For a Lean Athletic Body

To start you will need a simple warm-up workout, which can consist of simple running for 5 minutes or just yoga poses that can help you improve your flexibility to ease the workflow. You can add cow cat pose, cobra pose, child pose, pipe pose, prayer pose, and downward dog pose.

Then you will start with the workout that can help you target the body muscles and strengthen your body as well. This can consist of mountain climbers, crunches, scissor kicks, pushups, pull-ups, squats, and jumping variations like jumping jacks and box jumping squats.

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To make sure you end it properly, you will need a good workout that is not just limited to one muscle group but also the rest of your body, most people end it with easy running and medication but so far if you want to improve the strength and work on all body muscle there is no better option than to work on your body muscles via swimming. This will help you get rid of the extra fat while making sure that you are strengthening the body and shaping it.

Exercises That You Need For a Lean Athletic Body

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you organize your workout routine. As an athlete, you don’t have to lift weights or get to the muscle-pumping workouts but you need to work on body shaping. Although if you practice boxing and BJJ training daily your body will adapt to it and you will get a chiseled muscular look on your own but choosing a workout is very important. If you think that getting into a duel or just fighting with your opponent will help you get into shape, this might not be the way. You need to start with some workout that can range from cardio to any simple ram up and then use a martial arts-based workout that you can use for shaping your body later.

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