You Are Holding Yourself Back: 5 Signs That Will Prove This

stop holding yourself

Even though when everything seems perfect around you, perfect lifestyle, perfect job, perfect family or friends still sometimes you might feel something missing. There can be a number of reasons for it and one could be that you are not following your heart. You might be lacking the peace from within because you might be holding yourself back in some way. Many times it happens that we don’t realize that we are hindering our personal growth.

It is crucial to pay attention to such situations and finding out the solution to get peace from within. It’s important for your real eternal bliss and satisfaction without which everything seems dark and gloomy.

Here are given 5 points that will prove you are actually holding yourself back, Read carefully to check it out:

1. Disbelief:

Disbelief 1

Do you ever question your worth before starting a new work or project? And, If this happens quite often them my dear friend you are surely holding yourself back hindering your personal growth.

Like Overconfidence is a dangerous thing, similarly, Disbelieving yourself is way more threatening. Being its victim you can’t take your own decisions. If you disbelief yourself, you can’t put your whole potential to work, and as a result, you will not get the desired results.

This would be an exhausting condition which will only make things worse. If you want to grow, be better than yesterday then you have to stop disbelieving yourself.

2. Fear:


Another major component in your life is how you deal with your fear in difficult situations? Fear will try to stop you from reaching where you want to be. Overcoming your fears is another milestone to cover when dealing with holding back situation. But, you can decide how to deal with it.

You have all the answers to your questions, they lie within you. They just need your attention and focus. Every step you take either brings you closer to your fear or away from it. You have to decide where is your destination.

3. Comparison:


If you are comparing yourself with others. Then this is a sure sign that you are holding yourself back. Every individual is different so you don’t need to compare yourself with others to check whether you are doing good or not.

The comparison will lead to feelings of insecurity and jealousy. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to welcome any negative feelings that make you feel low and disappointed. So to save yourself from grudges later on that can arise from feelings of comparison, stop comparing yourself with others.

4. Criticism:


Sometimes you might care so much what others are saying about you. This may lead to criticism. Don’t be a victim of it. Always remember everyone has their own opinion and you can’t change it. Neither you have to try changing others opinion nor you have to question your worth as someone said something.

Constructive criticisms are welcomed, they make you grow better. But, there are people who criticize everything, just don’t bother about it. Keep doing your work and results will justify your efforts.

Accepting criticisms without logic are another way of showing up that you are not accepting yourself the way you are. In other words, it proves you are holding yourself back, and you have to stop doing it.

5. Amotivation:


At times when you don’t feel any excitement for anything, feels as you are no longer passionate about doing things or trying something new. This implies that you lack motivation in your life. You are not ready to come out of your comfort zone and take risks.

By this, life becomes dull and boring. Your unmotivated attitude is a sure indicator that you are holding yourself back. Okay, so to get rid of this you need to change your mindset. All days are not the same. It’s okay to take a break sometimes not doing anything but this shouldn’t happen always.

If you feel set back at any point. Remember, you are your own best friend. Understand what you need and try to motivate yourself regularly to achieve your goals.

“The only person holding you back is you”

— Normani Kordei

This statement holds true for everyone. No other person on this earth can set you back. It’s only you who does this often at times when you lack confidence, over analyze things and overthink about your own capabilities. Don’t be your own enemy. Take chances, accept risks, follow your heart and move in direction of your dreams and make continuous efforts to grow better. Definitely, You will reach your goals and life will become more beautiful.

Holding yourself back is just a situation and it comes to everyone at some phase of life. But, whenever you are alarmed about being into this situation, soon try getting out of it. It’s never too late to start something new, just don’t settle for less and keep on trying to attain your aim.

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