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Your Guide To Help You Find Your Face Shape

Your Guide To Help You Find Your Face Shape

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If you are in search of a perfect contour makeup technique or finding the right pair of ear-rings or choosing a neckline, glasses or any other accessory and even if planning for a haircut. Then you need to invest your time in this post which is your guide to help you find your face shape. To look more presentable you need to choose the right thing that could work for you.

And, this all depends on your face shape. Your face is a canvas for your makeup and any accessory you might want to try. Choosing things according to your face shape can change your whole look and add elegance to your personality.

Finding your face shape can be a difficult task sometimes, so pay attention carefully.

Types Of Face Shapes

For it you need to discover details about four things to know the exact shape of your face :

Forehead: Analyse height and width of your forehead.

Cheekbones: Check if you have prominent, high or low cheekbones, what is the width of your cheekbones?

Jawline: See if you have Angular, Circular, Wide or Narrow jawline.

Face Length: Also, observe the length of your face.

Let’s dive into details to find out your face shape 🙂

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