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The Untold Difference Between Day and Night Creams

The Untold Difference Between Day and Night Creams

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You all might agree that day creams and night creams are an inseparable part of your skin regime. Though we use them daily in our lives still there is some difference between day and night creams that you might didn’t know. Today you will read about these differentiations that separates them from one another.

And usually, it’s commonly a mindset that the creams with SPF are day creams and without it are night creams. This scenario is true but for up to a limit.

There is another reason than SPF in your cream that makes it day or night cream. To understand this picture completely you need to have some knowledge of your cosmetics ingredients.

Like your recipes are a mix of many ingredients same is the case for your day-night creams and other skincare products too.

In this topic, we will mainly talk about SPF (useful for blocking the harmful sun rays) and retinol(a useful ingredient for anti-aging, skin discoloration, etc) to simplify the concept in understanding the basic difference between a day and a night cream. Now, you know about the basic ingredients of your day and night creams.

Let’s begin with the topic.

Day Cream:

The fundamental purpose of your day cream is Protection. A Day cream consists of a lighter formula for serving the goal of ease in absorption by the skin. The day cream is formulated keeping in mind your daily activities and damages caused by them. For instance, during the day usually, you put your makeup, get exposure from UV rays of the sun, and other environmental factors like pollution, dirt.etc.

Therefore, it contains products like SPF which helps your skin from all the burning sensations, fine lines, photoaging caused by harmful UV rays of the sun. Other than SPF, your cream will have components like glycerine, emollient, ceramides, petrolatum that will give your skin a soft and supple feel, helps in hydrating it well and protects your skin from the environmental damage.

Night Cream:

The Night creams target your skin for Recovery. In other words, night creams help in skin regeneration. Studies have shown that our body works more on recovering all the damage, repair, loss, etc during the night in comparison to day-time. And, moreover you don’t put makeup on your skin at night so, night creams contain products that are heavier making it different from day creams.

The night cream carries heavy ingredients and thus, takes time to assimilate into the skin. that works on repairing your skin cells fighting many issues like acne, fine lines, doing heavy -lifting.

Also, Night creams contain some active ingredients that are usually not present in your day cream. One such ingredient is retinol, that helps in the anti-aging process and makes the skin more sensitive. And, therefore, you are advised to not put your night cream during the day time when in direct contact with the sun rays.


To learn the difference between day and night cream we should know the purpose a cream has to serve. Depending on it the ingredients are selected for serving different purposes. This concludes that day creams are mainly for protection and night creams focus on recovery and restoring.

This makes a day cream lighter and differentiates it from a night cream which is thick and heavier.


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