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Clean Up Your Digital Clutter in 3 Easy Steps [For Your Mobile Phone]

Clean Up Your Digital Clutter in 3 Easy Steps [For Your Mobile Phone]

clean digital clutter of your mobile phone

With emerging technology, when digital devices became an integral part of our lives we might don’t even remember. We live in an era of smartphones, computers and a number of online tools. I’m sure you can’t deny this.

According to a report, the purchase of smartphones has increased by 18% from the year 2014 and continues till now. And If talking about tablets, computers, and laptops, they also contribute an 18 % share in market purchases overall. Hence, it is crystal clear we are leading a digital life.

This digital life has brought new challenges too along with it, one such challenge is to maintain space on digital devices.

To explain this, let me take you back around 20years ago.

On looking back, you can acknowledge that the first-ever smartphone “Simon” by IBM was supporting 1mb Ram and 1 or 1.8mb memory card. Comparing to the present day, when we have memory support to 64Gb and even more for iPhones, about 256Gb. Despite this, we are running out of storage. This all is a result of digital clutter.

And let me tell you, this was all about phones. Even computers and laptops are no exceptions to this. But, in this article, I will talk about freeing up some space or storage for mobile phones.

Now, when you understand the need and necessity to clear digital clutter. Let’s move forward to organize your smartphone in just 3 easy steps.

Like you clean your home or wardrobe, similar to that these steps include sorting technique.


The first step to decluttering your smartphone is to create three new folders. Name the first folder as Memories, second as Important and the third as Unnecessary.


Now, it’s time to sort out the things likewise you do with your closet when clothes start falling off your wardrobe.

Transfer photos, videos or content you have into these folders sorting them according to the folder name. Your memorable data, your personal favorite will go in memories folder. Anything related to work or some important content you saved will sit in a folder with the name “important”.

And all the trash, or the content you never looked back after saving. In other words, the one you saved completely wasting your time, phone space and internet data will go into the folder “unnecessary”.

And don’t let it distract you from clearing up your phone space by connecting with it emotionally, because if it would be that important then you might have placed in memories folder already.


Now, this is the last step. So be careful. Go through once the “unnecessary” named folder to check if you have placed something important mistakenly.

When sure and confirmed, that all the stuff is unnecessary. Delete the entire folder. Simple as this.

You’ve cleared up all the trash.


After following 3 above given steps, look at all apps you have not used for more than two months or the ones you don’t think you will use in the future. Delete them too.

Also, check your browser, close all the tabs you haven’t visited in 2 or 3 days past. Try to open no more than two tabs when using a browser, doing this your browser performance will also be improved.

Repeat this process after two or three months, it will help to improve your mobile performance and de-cluttering your phone timely.

Hope! You enjoyed this post about cleaning digital clutter for your mobile phone. Leave your comments below and Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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