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5 types of personalized signs you can add to your business

5 types of personalized signs you can add to your business


Choosing the right type of business sign will make it easier for your business to be identified. The size of the signs is not as important as their uniqueness and ability to be easily recognized. While selecting the appropriate sign may appear challenging, it becomes easier once you familiarize yourself with the various types available. Consider engaging a signage expert who provides a laser engraving service. Take a moment to read this article and discover how this service can enhance your marketing strategy by offering different sign options.

Types of business signs

With almost every business using similar signage, it becomes difficult trying to diversify. However, below are the types of business signs you need:

Storefront signage

One of the most important signs is what you put at the front of your store, office, etc. Remember that it is the first thing any potential client will notice. Therefore, the front signage is critical. You can use it to create awareness about a certain product or discount in your business. You can use the front signs for advertising certain offers or products. Furthermore, it helps customers paint a picture of what to expect from your business. The front signage offers you a chance to brand your business in a good light. 

Corporate branding signage

One of the things corporate bodies used to help their workers and clients is signage. The corporate signage often consist of the company’s name and the business tagline. This signage is also essential because it helps clients see your business in a positive light. Business owners frequently pay more attention to corporate branding signage because of its importance. Make sure the corporate branding signage promotes your business.

Awnings and outdoor signs

The awnings’ signage offers an opportunity to complement your brand and advertise your business style and personality. You can use the awnings to add more spice to your storefront signage air promote your brand. For restaurants and cafés, square footage underneath the awning will provide extra seating during the warm months of the year. Also, an awning offers shelter to your customers, clients, etc., during a sunny, rainy, or snowy day. This singular act can build strong loyalty because you provided shelter when the customer needed it.

Interior signs

To provide an inviting interior for your customers, then you require interior signs. Interior signs make your customers feel welcome and comfortable. The interior signages are not limited to welcome messages; you can use it for directions. Use these signs to also brand your business and emphasize the culture of your organization. The interior and exterior signs should not portray different messages. Make sure both signages complement each other. Therefore, your branding from the front door should be consistent with what you have in the interior. 


Banners are good when you have a promotion, an event, or a big sale. The size of the banner is often determined by the position in which you want to place it. For more visibility, the banner should be at least medium-sized. You can use a large banner for better visibility if the location where you place it is far from your business or customers’ reach.

You can hang the banner in front of your shop or by the side of the entrance. Furthermore, you can use banners for advertising and to welcome customers. A banner is a versatile piece of advertising that offers so many roles. You can creatively use a banner for different purposes, including directions.

The importance of signage for your organization 

If your business doesn’t have signage, people will know what you stand for. Also, your business area will not be welcoming because people want to see signs that say “You’re welcome” or something similar at least. Learn more about the importance of signage below:

First impression

The first impression a customer has of your business matters a lot. Signs are an extremely important element that can send the right signals to your prospective customer. You can use signs to relate to your customers in a manner that your staff may not be able to.

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Pass a message

You can use customized signage to pass a message to your customers. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; just a simple sentence is fine. For instance, you can use interior signage that reads, “Credits are not allowed here. Please don’t so you don’t feel embarrassed”. You have subtly passed a message that would have seemed rude if your staff, or you said it to a customer.

Make a lasting impression.

Signage can create a lasting impression about your business. Your signage can encourage your customers. For example, you can say words like “Having a bad day? It will pass too”. Ensure that your signage is not always harsh. It will make your customers feel unwelcome and probably uneasy.

Cost-effective marketing strategy

Signage is a cost-effective way to advertise your business without spending on pay-per-impression (PPI). The only expenses associated with using signage are the cost of design and printing. For new businesses, radio, email, or television adverts will be very expensive. Use this signage and promote your business first and gradually move to traditional advertising strategies like radio, television, etc.


To get the best signage for your business, you need to work with a professional. First, you need to let the signage expert know what your business stands for and what kinds of messages you want on your signage. You can use signages for various purposes, and also almost every business needs one. Lastly, if your business is new, use more banners for advertising your business. You can place them at the front door, by the side, or above. The size of the banner often depends on the visibility of the content to your potential clients. Finally, ensure that the content on the signage is clear and unambiguous. Your customers shouldn’t have to guess what your statement means.

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