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4 Fashion Trends That Need to Be Left in 2021

4 Fashion Trends That Need to Be Left in 2021

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2021 was the year that gave us that glimpse of normality again after the pandemic. Our social life was taken away from us thanks to covid, meaning that we were unable to see fashion shows as well.

It was a great year because we saw the return of catwalks in the US and across Europe, showcasing some of the most popular fashion trends. However, there were many men’s fashion trends that we couldn’t get on board with. The type of trends that you wish to stay in 2021.Here are some of the worst fashion trends from 2021 that need to stay there.

1. Men’s Crocs


Crocs became a trend during 2019 and 2020. They then carried their way through to 2021 where many men wore them. Celebrities first kick-started this trend before their fans also decided to wear them. There were so many people wearing them and we could not understand why. At the end of the day, they are only appropriate for children. So if you are an adult, please don’t be spotted in public with them on.

One of the reasons why people started wearing crocs was because of comfort when in hindsight, they are not that comfy. There are so many different pairs of footwear out there for comfort. We advise all men to stop wearing this footwear as they are not convenient nor stylish.

2. Working From Home Attire

work from home
An aerial view of a mother working on a laptop in her office at hoe with her young daughter string on her lap.

When working from home, we became lazy. Our outfits became less fashionable because we didn’t need to impress anyone, simply because we weren’t going out. The WFH attire was lazy, just like our day to day lives at the time. A dressing gown was the go-to every morning.

Although we were lazy during this period of the pandemic, it was a simple life. Nonetheless, we are thankful that our original lifestyle has made a return.

Once the alarm went off in the morning. You got out of bed, had your breakfast, showered, and then put your dressing gown on. A pair of slippers was the go-to footwear for walking around the house. If you had a meeting, that dressing gown was soon taken off and you probably put on a t-shirt to show that you were dressed for your colleagues.

Many offices are not open 5 days a week. A lot of them encourage a work from home style, also known as hybrid working. It is where you will work from home 2/3 days a week then work in the office for the rest of the week. If there is something that the pandemic proved, it was the fact that we did not need to go into the office five days a week. Nonetheless, if you are working a hybrid style, it is time to stop being lazy and stay away from that dressing gown of yours.

3. 90s Haircuts

90s hairstyles 42

The 90s haircuts made a return to men’s fashion last year. Many men were influenced by Tiger King, the American from the Netflix documentary that everyone was talking about. We don’t quite understand why everyone was rocking the mullet however many people thought it was the style to do.

One thing that we can all agree on is the fact that lockdown haircuts were awful. We are going to put the 90s haircuts in the bracket of lockdown haircuts and leave them there. The mullet, amongst other haircuts, should be left in 2021.

4. Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans 1627056625

Skinny jeans have been around for many years now so we will all agree that these were not a trend in 2021. Nonetheless, they still should be left there. With skinny jeans, there is no comfort with them.

They are too tight around your legs, meaning you can barely move in them. Straight and relaxed fit jeans are slowly making a return to men’s fashion and we can get on board with it. If your build is relatively skinny, we suggest that you go for a slim fit of jeans. It is safe to say that skinny and spray-on jeans should no longer be a part of men’s fashion.


There were many fashion trends during 2021 that we could get on board with. Fast fashion seems to be dictating how we dress now. Meaning that you need to constantly update your wardrobe with what is on-trend.

Men’s fashion can be difficult to keep up with at the end of the day. We suggest that you go for fashion trends that won’t last long. You will soon find that you will be saving a lot of money if you go with fashion trends that have been around for a while such as full tracksuits and denim jackets.

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