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2020 Fashion Trends: Know What’s New This Year?

2020 Fashion Trends: Know What’s New This Year?

2020 fashion trends-know-whats-new-this-year

What’s new in 2020 fashion trends? It’s a  hot conversation by the start of the year. Everyone waits keenly for the runway trends to know major shifts in fashion.

In other words, these runway shows are a means by designers across the world to represent some seasonal inspirations for your wardrobe. After researching market statics and keeping in mind certain important messages designers want to communicate to the world, makes the wait for runway fashion more worthy.

Let’s see, What designers are trying to convey this year with the trends?

Tropical Pallete:

The most important message by designers for this 2020 fashion is understanding the impact of the fashion industry on a tropical environment. Therefore, to spread awareness and taking the environment seriously, designers this year decided to introduce tropical pallets.

2020 fashion trend tropical pattern

This includes dusky shades of wood, dark green colors as well and all the flora and fauna you can think about when thinking of tropic forest. Be it those floral, leafy prints or any seaside scenery. You will see its glance in fashion this year.

Sustainable Fashion:

Another important step by fashion designers in 2020 trends is promoting sustainable fashion. By sustainable fashion, here it means the use of high quality and eco- friendly material or products. Also, this includes the utilization of unused materials. They will be upcycled to create new trend pieces for your wardrobe.

upcycled sustainable trend in 2020This is a crucial step taken by the fashion designers. As everyone knows maximum resources are wasted by fashion industries when creating new trends. Adapting sustainability helps in reducing the wastage of valuable resources. Great move by designers, appreciated!!

Cosmic Glitter :

As the name suggests cosmic glitter is all about those astral patterns and colors that you might usually notice on looking at the sky in the night. There is something so captivating about them right?

2020 cosmic fashion trendThus, designers decided to pop up some cosmic vibes in fashion trends in 2020. According to fashion market researchers, people’s growing interest in astrology and spirituality derived this trend.

Slip dress/Thin strap dress:

Dear women, this 2020 you will enjoy wearing slip dresses/thin strap dresses and feel more vibrating and confident. With this sensational trend designer tried to spread a strong message, women have empowerment to choose whatever they want to wear. Can’t agree more.

2020 thin strip fashion trendCrochet:

Yes!crochet is a fascinating fashion trend item in this 2020 year. This trend also being the sustainable piece of fashion item will add along feels of handmade textures. It is going to refresh old memories of crochet inherited from the grandmom generation but is redefined in a modern way. Delighted! to think about it.

Polka Dots:

Runways witnessed the classic comeback of polka dots in 2020 fashion trends. Polka dots first appeared in the 1840s, since then it’s the most repeated fashion trend of all time. Almost, all age groups keenly admire this most awaited favorite trend of the era.

polkadot trend in 2020Mainly analyzed by fashion designers in the market stats, it is the main reason for the return of this trend.


Leather is something that has always rocked the runways. This year is no different. Generally, talking about leathers create a picture in mind of black and brown colored leather pieces.

colorful leather trends in 2020But in 2020 fashion trends you will see colorful leather pieces in the market bringing more joy and freshness to the faces. This reason is justifying enough to purchase one for your wardrobe, right?.

Tier Dress:

With versatile and trendy tier dress, again you can see a glimpse of sustainable fashion trend piece. Thus, making it an utterly important trend of this year.

tier dress trendA dress with a series of layers of the same material at different lengths and with different hemlines is known as “Tier dress”.

Other Trends:

The list of 2020 fashion trends also includes bash of total denim which means wearing denim both top and bottoms together, tailor-made suits, also with hot pants. Wearing shots not only with suits but you can put it up with anything you want to try.

And the list goes on with Corsets, Feathers, Ponchos, Colors of Neon, Puffer shoulder trench coats, Bohemian silhouettes and Geometric dresses with added volumes. This all concludes the fashion trends of this year.

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